Cake Jars
Flavors: (More flavors and fillings upon request)
   -vanilla rum/vanilla custard 
Sweet Laz Neapolitan 
   -chocolate/strawberry/vanilla rum
   -chocolate ganache filling
Who Lives in a Pineapple Daiquiri
   -vanilla rum/pineapple
Bienvenido a Miami Vice 
   -coconut rum/pineapple & strawberry
I want S’more
Under the Sea Salted Caramel
   -vanilla rum/dulce de leche 
Choose your Force Cookies N’ Cream 
   -chocolate cake/ cream cheese and crushed oreos 
It’s Peanut Butter Jelly Time
   -vanilla rum
   -peanut butter and strawberry jelly
Guava Cubana Mama
   -coconut rum/guava 
“Un Cortadito Porfavor”
   -coffee kahlua/chocolate 
What’s up Doc? Carrot Cake 
   -carrot cake/cream cheese frosting
Boozy Strawberry Daiquiri 
   -strawberry rum/strawberry jam



Mango Tango Daiquiri 
   -mango rum/mango jam
Got Buns Hun?
   -Coffee Kaluah/Cinnamon filling/icing 
Piña Colada 
   -coconut rum/pineapple
Hollywood’s Velvet Rouge 
   -red velvet
   -cream cheese frosting 

   -coffee kahlua/mascarpone
   -chocolate shavings
Hershey’s Greenies 
   -chocolate kahlua/chocolate mint
Almondy White Rasp 
   -almond rum
   -white chocolate/raspberry 
Chocolatey Cheat Days
    -chocolate kahlua/strawberry jam 
Cinderella’s Carriage 
   -pumpkin rum/ cream cheese filling 
Hazed and Nutty 
   -vanilla rum/nutella
   -lemon/lemon curd


These delicious pastries will look so cute on your dessert table, and will make your guests go crazy! Don't live in Miami? No problem! We'll ship them out to you! Click here to order, or call (786) 493-9172 

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**all of our products are made with evaporated rum to abide by the Cottage Food Law rules. No liquor is sold through Crumbs by Roxy